RV Camping FAQs

  1. How far out can I make a reservation?
  2. When will I be able to make a reservation beyond the current opening?
    • Additional release dates will be made quarterly. Please sign-up on our website at Notify Me for News Flash notifications.  We will use News Flash to send out notice of additional reservation openings.
  3. Can I call in and make a reservation?
  4. I cannot find any available camp sites.  Are you able to assist me in finding availability? 
    • We are unable to advise on availability.  Please use the link on our RV Camping page to make a reservation: https://www.portsanluis.com/2163/RV-Camping    We recommend narrowing your search dates if you're having trouble finding a site for longer stays.   You may also want to search for stays beginning on a Sunday or Monday and departing on Wednesday or Thursday as most weekends appear to be reserved.
  5. Can I search by viewing availability of sites rather than a date-range search?
    • Our current reservation system does not show availability by site, only by entering dates.   We suggest narrowing your range of dates to increase chances of finding availability.
  6. How will I know if my RV will fit in the space?
  7. Will you notify me of cancellations?
    • Regarding cancellations, please use the reservation website to check availability as we do not maintain a waitlist or cancellation interest list. 
  8. Do I have to have a boat to camp at the Trailer Boat Camping sites?
  9. Can I let my friend use my camping reservation since I am unable to go?
    • Reservations are non-transferrable.  You would need to request a cancellation of your reservation.  Your friend could then check the website to re-book your dates when you receive confirmation of your refund being processed.
  10. How do I cancel my reservation?
    • To cancel your reservation, please email campingrefunds@portsanluis.comwith the following information:
      • Name reservation has been booked under.
      • Reservation ID Number
      • Date of Stay
      • Location/Site Reserved
  11. Can I make modifications to my reservation, i.e. add or remove days or move to a different site?
    • To add dates or change sites, use the reservation system to check availability and make additional reservations.  To delete days, send an email to campingrefunds@portsanluis.com with your request.  Refund policy applies to modifications.
  12. What is the Refund Policy?
    • The District’s RV Camping Cancellation REFUND POLICY is as follows:
      • 72 HOURS PRIOR TO FIRST DAY OF RESERVATION:  100%, minus reservation fee ($11) and cancellation fee ($16)
      • 48 HOURS PRIOR TO FIRST DAY OF RESERVATION:  50%, minus reservation fee ($11) and cancellation fee ($16)
      • Only two (2) reservation cancellations and/or modifications are allowed per calendar year.
      • Campers required to leave due to the violation of the Port San Luis Harbor District Camping Rules & Regulations, District Ordinances, and any other applicable County, State, or Federal law are not eligible for a refund.