About Us

  1. Mission Statement

    Review our mission statement.

  2. Port History

    The Harbor Commission has since sought to implement the original goal of the first Commission and vision of the Founding Fathers of the District.

  3. The Tidelands

    The tidelands granted (Chapter 647 - 1955; Chapter 302 - amended 1957) to the Harbor District by the State of California, were mandated "to be used for harbor, aviation, wharves, docks, piers, slips, quays, and other structures." The land was also "to be used for establishment of public buildings, parks, playgrounds, public recreation, public fishing, and public access and public navigation."

  4. Master Plan

    The Port San Luis Harbor District is governed by a Master Plan.

  5. Harbor Terrace

    Access Documents associated with the Harbor Terrace project.

  6. Harbor Commission

    Learn who currently serves on the Harbor Commission.

  7. Bids & Proposals

    Respond to our requests for proposals and review current bid opportunities.

  8. Code of Ordinances

    View all available chapters of our Code of Ordinances.

  9. Vehicles & Parking

    Parking areas for vehicles are provided for those who work and visit the District. To maintain order and availability of parking, the District has adopted regulations for parking in these areas.

  10. Budget & Financial Reports

    Review documentation for the Port San Luis Harbor District budget.

  11. Employment

    Find employment opportunities and view salary information and employment contracts.

  12. Open Government

    CSDA Transparency Certificate requirements

  13. Public Notices

    See a list of the current Public Notices

  14. Traveling to Port San Luis

    Find out the various ways to get to the Harbor.

  15. Contact Us

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  16. SB 272 Compliance

    SB 272 Compliance